Kids get


  • Read Physical Books
  • Earn Stocks & Crypto on the App
  • Learn Life Skills

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And other educators and professionals too numerous to list. We thank you all for your continued support.



Kids in the a REAL Program will discover how to transform the world by reading, earning and learning. Here’s how:

  • A sponsor funds a program
  • Students get a Hoodie & 2 Books
  • They Read books
  • They Earn rewards in our mobile App
  • They Learn valuable life skills

And there’s no limit to the reading, earning and learning involved.

The reading revolution has arrived.


Reading physical Books and having them in the home produces better outcomes for students everywhere1.

Hoodiebooks are honest, 40-page introductions to subjects ranging from maturity, business, and philosophy, to finance, civics and more.

Students in R.E.A.L. programs get access to our full library of original and co-authored titles.

A generation of daily readers who explore diverse topics and viewpoints will be more confident and competent adults.

1According to Scholastic and a study of students from 42 countries


Students take book quizzes on our R.E.A.L. Mobile App. Passing earns them a financial stake in the future.

Hoodiebooks is a new kind of reading incentive tool. The app connects students with mentors who encourage them and help them study.

Students take a short quiz (multiple choice + a writing exercise) on the book the just read.

Success earns them a fraction of a stock, crypto currency or funds deposited in a savings account to use for secondary education2.

2Parents and/or guardians have access to student accounts. Rewards are provided by program sponsors. Details below.


Regular, disciplined reading backed by secure financial incentives will prepare students for the world ahead.

The more children know about the world, the richer it becomes. The more they understand people, the better they can get along. And learning to think critically will lead to better decision making.

Books are the key. Books remain humanity’s best and oldest learning tool—Hoodiebooks just connected them to the world our children live in.



Program sponsors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are corporations. Others are celebrities, entertainers or sports stars. What they all have in common is a shared commitment to youth education.

Sponsors fund programs at schools in their local communities or in places they grew up.

They make it possible for students to earn while reading. Sometimes they help us co-write books. And they all play an active role in the programs they support.