It is the year 2020. Let us move away from a fear-based dream into a reality built upon the possibility that we can fix what plagues us.

We ask: is it the mission of modern readers, philosophers, students and practical people to imagine, create and live by a new concept of mature adulthood?

We say yes.

And this is why we write books and create unique transport systems for ideas that foster literacy, comprehension, and mental, emotional and social maturation.

We’re asking you to help us create a massive reading movement where:

Together we can make today’s images, narratives, and lifestyles of adulthood safe to pass to our children

Together we can shape a new world that supports healthy mental, emotional and social maturity

To us, the most important quality of maturity is knowing and admitting when we do not understand an idea or issue. And then waiting to speak or act until we read about, research, and examine that idea or issue.

The Hoodiebooks Family and associated members and friends will:

Help create more readers and critical thinkers

Show the world why it’s so important to allocate more time to reading

Teach our members how to research and learn the techniques for reading comprehension

Share the importance of reading with all the members of the human family

And there it is. Our mission. Helping people of all ages find the courage to examine, challenge and change ideas is why Hoodiebooks exists.

This Part’s For You

The books we publish introduce ideas and invite you to think about them on your terms. The classic apparel keeps those ideals close to your heart.

These days, nothing gets us fired up more than listening to people talk about how reading a book helped them change their life. And remember, we can help the next generation become more knowledgeable about reading by introducing one simple practice:

the next time your child asks for new sneakers or a new toy, ask them to read one little book before they receive the item. It’s a small thing to ask…but one that will enrich their lives and teach a valuable lesson.

Let’s Start Reading

10,000 Pages, the first Hoodiebooks non-profit partner, is on a mission that is summed up in their motto: “get your 28-up“. What does it mean? That all 10KP members pledge to work their way up to reading 28 pages every day.

As a 10KP Reader you’ll start with 3 pages a day for the first week. This helps make reading a habit. The next week you’ll complete 7 pages per day. Then 15 pages. Then 21. And before you know it, you’ve hit that magic number: 28.

Reading 28 pages a day adds up to a little more than 10,000 pages, or 33 books, each year. And we promise that you’ll be amazed at how much you learn and grow.

So we ask, are you ready to “get your 28-up” today?

We can’t wait to hear your story.

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